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On occasion of VISWAKARMA PUJA (17th September, 2018) all State Government offices shall be closed at 2 pm
On occasion of VISWAKARMA PUJA which falls on 17th September (Monday) this year, the Governor has been pleased to declare that all State Government offices, Urban and Rural Bodies, Corporations, .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 13/09/2018

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Hands-on Training in the use of Government-e-Marketplace (GeM)
One Master Trainer, one Nodal Officer and one Primary User of the Department, atry one Secondary User of the Diwislon related to Secretariat Division of each Department along with any one officer fr .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 17/09/2018

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Online Entry and acceptance of Nomination and Family Details in HRMS
Online facility in HRMS for capturing (i) Family Members details and (ii) Nomination for the purposes of Final Payment of (a) GPF (b) Death Gratuity (c) Arrears of Pensio .....
Category :IFMSPosted On : 14/09/2018

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Modalities for Market Value Assessment in the State
In all cases, on receipt of the requisition by any Registering Office either directly or at its subordinate offices, the market price should be communicated to the respective Requisitioning Authority .....
Category :RevenuePosted On : 14/09/2018

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Role of Departmental Tender Committee
The Departmental Tender Committee shall be responsible for evaluation and recommendation of tender related works including but not limited to the following .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 14/09/2018

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Limited Tender Enquiry for engagement of Transaction Advisor (TA) for Development of Scientific Framework for Market Value Management System
Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue .....
Category :RevenuePosted On : 12/09/2018

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Pension Adalat to be held on 18.09.2018
The office of the Pr. A.G.(A&E), W.B. is going to organize Pension Adalat for pensioners retired officers/ employees from State govt. offices on 18.09.2018 at the Treasury Buildings Institute .....
Category :PensionPosted On : 12/09/2018

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Discontinuation of furnishing hard copy of beneficiary list to Treasury
The Governor is now pleased to discontinue the mandatory provision for submission of hard copy of beneficiary list with the bill/advice to Treasury. This order shall take effect from 01.10.2018. .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 10/09/2018

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All State Government offices shall remain open and all the employees shall report for duty on 10th September, 2018
In view of call given by some Political Parties for a bandh from 9 AM to 3 PM on the 10th September, 2018, it has been decided that all State Government offices including those provided with Grants-in .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 07/09/2018

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Uniform format of Self Appraisal cum Annual Confidential Report for all Group-A employees of the State Government
Mandatory submission of Self Appraisal Report through HRMS Submission of Self Appraisal Report through online Self Appraisal Sub-Module of HRMS shall be mandatory with effect from the Appraisal Year 2 .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 06/09/2018

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Compulsory Registration under GST as Tax Deductor
The process of obtaining GSTIN and entry of GSTIN in IFMS should necessarily be completed before the 30.09.2018 positively .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 05/09/2018

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Ensuring adequate allotment to DDOs and drawal of Bills against allotment
The State Government has decided to allow acceptance of the following categories of bills by Treasuries or PAOs in anticipation of allotment of fund for the period of next 4 months i.e. from 31 Septem .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 05/09/2018

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20th September (Thursday), 2018 declared as Sectional Holiday on occasion of KARAM PUJA
The Governor is pleased to declare 20th September (Thursday), 2018 as a Sectional Holiday on occasion of KARAM PUJA for the employees belonging to Tribal Communities employed in State Government .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 04/09/2018

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Review meeting for Monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS)/Central Sector Schemes for the year 2018-2019
It is requested to kindly depute the Nodal Officer (dealing in CSS/CN Schemes) along with the Financial Advisor for the said meeting on 7th September, 2018 - Venue-Conference Hall (Room No. .....
Category :BudgetPosted On : 31/08/2018

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Extension of the Period for Submission of Self-Appraisal Report to the respective Reporting Officers
The Nodal Officers and Custodians are also requested to complete the process of tagging of concerned Group-A Officers immediately so that the SAR may be submitted by all Group-A Officers within 30th S .....
Category :IFMSPosted On : 31/08/2018

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One time tagging of Voucher/Challan Numbers with HRMS Unique ID under the Head (8009-State Provident Fund) for maintenance of GPF Accounts in I
Treasury Officer and Public Account Administrators shall take action for one-time tagging of HRMS Unique ID against the transactions as stated at Para 2 (iv) & (v) above for which separ .....
Category :IFMSPosted On : 29/08/2018

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Modification in the existing provision in WBTR regarding submission of Monthly Treasury Accounts to the AG(A&E), WB
Supporting Schedules and the connected Challans and Vouchers should be sent to the AG(A&E),WB within the 5th working day of the following month instead of the 5th day of the following month e .....
Category :AuditPosted On : 29/08/2018

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Revision in norms of Administrative Approvals in case of RIDF/WIF Projects
This delegated financial power shall be up to Rs.20 (Twenty) crore in respect of RIDF/WIF Projects of the Public Works Department, Panchayats & Rural Development Department, Irrigation & W .....
Category :BudgetPosted On : 28/08/2018

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